If you are, this is for you. I receive questions often from nutrition coaches about their nutrition coaching business - so much nutrition and so many coaches. Since this is so frequent, I’ve decided what better way to help everyone than create an online platform for nutrition coaches. 

This online platform, known better as my private Facebook group, is a place for like-minded individuals (other nutrition coaches) and a place to share experience, knowledge, case studies, ask questions, etc.

The best part is that since I'm apart of the group, I can answer any questions you have about your own clients. We can all learn from each other!


What does it include?

  • Access to a private FB group community

  • Education provided by multiple nutrition coaches in this industry

  • Weekly FB lives with time for Q&A at the end

  • Mentorship for you and your nutrition coaching business from me via the FB group 

Ok, ok… so what’s the cost? 

All of the above and access to other coaches just like you for only $39/month. 

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Ashleigh has a solid system in place that has guided me through the problem solving process with my clients as needed. She teaches in a way that’s relatable and easy to understand. There’s a lot I’ve learned and am doing SO MUCH more independently now because of her patience, knowledge and ability to explain this sometimes complicated information around nutrition coaching. If you’re a nutrition coach but not sure how to get started and have some worries about jumping into this industry, I highly suggest working with Ashleigh for guidance. She is a pro when it comes to nutrition coaching and being a great human!
— Kimberly G.