I went to Ashleigh because I was working out at the gym and felt no progress. My coach recommended Ashleigh because of a few other girls that have been using her (and look AWESOME.) I figured out that my main issue was having NO IDEA about proper food intake and inconsistency. With Ashleigh’s help I have a much better relationship with food.
— Alex W. | Exeter, Pennsylvania
I originally sought help because I wanted to lose weight. I selected A-Hub Nutrition because of the results i saw from her experience of tracking macros. I love the mental changes over the past few years and how my body composition has improved over this time also. I feel like this has been successful because of that detailed weekly check-in‘s. It is also great to have you open communication and the time she takes for her clients.
— Megan L. - Lynchburg, Virginia
I am so happy with my experience with A-Hub Nutrition. I worked with a previous company that did not feed me enough to fuel my weightlifting workouts, and I was struggling to lose weight. After working with Ashleigh, I’ve discovered a healthier approach to eating daily for success in my workouts and competitions, and I don’t stress about daily fluctuations on the scale. I understand WHY I’m eating what I’m eating, and I’m eating more food than I would choose to eat if I ate at what I “think” is the appropriate amount. With all the misinformation about health and nutrition out there, it’s nice to be able to take the guesswork out of it and just enjoy food, life, and sport.
— Jenni H. | Chicago, Illinois
I had been struggling with finding a healthy diet that allowed me to perform well in the gym and feel energized at work and home. While my ultimate goal was to lose weight to be leaner, I knew that fad diets and other meal plans I tried in the past were not sustainable. I worked with a couple of other “nutrition” companies and 1-on-1 coaches and would lose weight, but I would be starving or have no energy. I found Ashleigh on instagram and loved her promotion of a healthy mindset with regard to food and body image. After just one email she informed me that I was not eating enough. She then formulated a reverse diet for me which made me feel better physically and mentally. I feel that my mindset with regards to my body image and food have definitely changed for the better with her help. She cares about every aspect that could affect weight loss and gain, not just calories in and out. But not only that, I feel she becomes personally invested in your overall wellbeing! I would highly recommend Ashleigh to anyone who wants to develop healthy, sustainable, long-term habits. She totally rocks!
— Ashley M. | Concord, North Carolina
I originally started with Ashleigh as a case study participant to help her graduate. With the success we had in the case study for 12 weeks, I knew I had to keep this gem in my pocket! She cares so much about her clients and always talks me off the ledge when the mental game weakens a bit. She cares about what you have to say and sincerely cares about your success. I have lost about roughly 20lbs with Ashleigh and so much mental health gain. Love the journey were on together!
— Courtney K. - Nanticoke, Pennsylvania
Ashleigh is extremely knowledgeable. Working with her has been very beneficial to my weightlifting career. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing or wanting a nutrition coach.
— Lindsay W. | Greensboro, North Carolina
I had lost 38 lbs on about 1250 cals a day. I had also been working with a trainer to learn competitive powerlifting. My goal was to enter meets and break records. So I needed to gain strength. My trainer was an AHub client and I had observed the amazing results Ashleigh’s coaching had given him and he highly recommended her. So I signed with her for one on one coaching. She began by upping my carbs/cals every week. Within four months I broke three IPL drug tested raw world records in my weight and age category. Ashleigh is amazing both personally and professionally and I can’t weight to see how much strength we will add in the future.
— Jeanne M. | Henrico, Virginia
Initially I was skeptical of the whole counting macros thing. I knew a bunch of people were doing it but I never really focused on how it was really affecting those people in their fitness lives. At some point I started to see the effects of a couple members at my gym who had been counting and being pretty disciplined about it. So I figured I could do that! A friend of mine was already in the Ahub Mafia and suggested I give it a try. I wasn’t completely happy with my body composition and knew if I could fix it, maybe I would benefit athletically and aesthetically. Since working with Ashleigh I’ve been hitting PRs, winning local competitions and loving how my body looks. All the while never getting hungry because she FEEDS ME. I’ve recommended Ahub Nutrition to several friends since joining and I’ll keep referring people so long as I keep seeing the great results!
— Justin R. | Richmond, VA
Having done 1:1 coaching previously with a very popular company and not particularly loving my experience I figured maybe 1:1 just wasn’t for me. I saw another athlete sing your praises and was interested so I followed your page for a while and when it became obvious that your attitude about food and general positive and encouraging personality was very much present in your business, I decided to give your coaching a shot. I have been extremely satisfied with the price, service and attentiveness thus far. And while I don’t yet have dramatic weight loss photos only 3 weeks in, the short period of time of eating an appropriate amount has made a huge difference in my mood and energy and I’m already grateful.
— Alexandra S. | New Orleans, Louisiana
I had been working out for about a year and not seeing a lot of physical changes. My Crossfit gym held a nutrition challenge and Ashleigh was the consulting coach. I experienced a decrease in fat and an increase in muscle and strength in those six weeks and decided to continue tracking and working with Ashleigh after the challenge ended. It has been awesome to feel my metabolism get revved up and have more energy and strength at the gym. My husband claims I’m also much happier since I’m eating more than I have in years- without guilt! I recommend working with Ashleigh to help you reach your health goals; she is super positive and has helped to undo the years negative thinking around food! Awesome!
— Kelley K. | Rio Rico, Arizona
Nutrition was the missing piece of my puzzle for so long! I did not believe that cutting calories, eating less and exercising more was the answer to my problems. And when I found Ashleigh, it answered questions I hadn’t even asked yet. Learning how to properly fuel my body and change my relationship with food has been a crucial process - and I FEEL healthier and more confident as a result. I learn more and more each day and consider Ashleigh one of the most critical pieces of my success.
— Cheryl I. | Appomattox, VA
I wanted to cut down to a lower weight class. I wanted to eat enough not too much or too little and just be consistent. I looked at the a hub Instagram page and website and saw everyone’s results and that they weren’t starving themselves to reach their goals. She just always is there anytime you have a question. She is very knowledgeable and understands your needs for any goals you have whether it be healthier, to lose weight, or develop a healthy relationship with food and life.
— Tori. M | Lawrence, Kansas
I selected Ashleigh because of my trainer/teacher at the Y Express. I needed guidance on my nutrition, and to understand how to balance my food with appropriate serving sizes. I love working with Ashleigh since her approach is always encouraging, informational, positive and flexible. She worked with my initial desire not to count every macro and calorie and track every sip of water. I’ve appreciated that she has a tremendous amount of patience for all my questions.
— Maureen O. | Lynchburg, Virginia
My brother does a podcast with CrossFit athletes and other professionals in the field. He interviewed Ash awhile back and I heard about her nutrition coaching. I had done some tracking of macros before but could never stick with it long enough to see results. I enlisted Ash and her expertise back in January but honestly didn’t become super serious and consistent until July. The past three months have been life changing and I owe a lot of it to her! It has completely changed how I view nutrition/my diet, the scale and the big picture of overall health and wellness. Whenever I’m asked about what I’m doing, I attribute a lot of it to AHub Nutrition and the attentiveness I’ve received from Ash in our one-on-one coaching. I highly recommend her anytime I get the chance!!
— Becky V. | Chesapeake, VA
I’ve struggled with my nutrition for years, and after killing myself in the gym and not seeing the results I wanted, I reached out to WAG (before A-Hub Nutrition was around of course). Ashleigh had been working with WAG as well at the time and we both seemed to see the same results. I felt like we “knew” each other and continued to follow her on social media. After being stuck again with my nutrition and struggling with hormonal issues as well, I reached out to Ashleigh when she was first starting A-Hub Nutrition. She understood what I was going through, helped me understand what was going on with my body, increased my food intake and cut when I was ready (the right way). It wasn’t just about the macros with Ash, but also about everything else going on in my life! The most important thing is that I now have a healthy relationship with food and my body! I wouldn’t be where I am today with my health if it wasn’t for Ashleigh! I can’t recommend A-Hub Nutrition enough!
— Michelle K. | Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania