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It all starts with food.

Nutrition is arguably one of the biggest game changers in reaching goals either aesthetically or performance based.

I want to cater to each individual's unique circumstances. Whether it is weight loss, weight management, body recomposition, being able to run around with your kids, developing a healthy relationship with food, or getting away from a very low calorie diet, I can help you reach your goals!


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Hear more about what A-Hub clients have to say about A-Hub nutrition and it’s results. Flexible dieting is the most effective way to maintain a lifestyle from that of a busy soccer mom to the college athlete.


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There are so many fads. So many trends. So many opinions and ideas. Well - check out this informational blog for a well-rounded overview of what flexible dieting and sustainable nutrition really means, how it can be used, and the results it produces for A-Hub Nutrition Clients across the U.S.


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I got into fitness and nutrition at the age of 14. Over the years through personal experience and research, I developed a passion for both fitness and nutrition. At 16 I began doing CrossFit which led me to CrossFit competitions, Olympic Weightlifting, and even Powerlifting. I am CrossFit-L1 certified, NCI certified, and Precision Nutrition L1 certified. I’m currently studying at Liberty University for my B.S. in Business: Digital Marketing and Advertising.

My mission is to help others learn about nutrition in a way that helps them fuel their bodies, reach their goals, and is sustainable for their lifestyle - while utilizing flexible dieting. I want to make your diet and training work with your lifestyle, not control your lifestyle.

Competition History

2014 CF VA Commonwealth Games - 1st place
2014 Out of Step Barbell Open - 69kg 1st place
2015 USAW Jr. Nationals - 69kg 9th place
2015 RVA Open - 63kg Junior 1st place
2015 USAPL NoVa Open - 63kg Jr. 1st place
2015 USAPL Raw Nationals - 63kg Junior 3rd place (128kg T-3 American Squat Record)
2015 Out of Step Barbell Open - 63kg 1st place
2016 USAW Jr. Nationals - 58kg 9th place
2016 Arnold Classic WL Championship - 63kg Junior 1st place
2017 CF Open - 124th Mid-Atlantic Region


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