Athlete Spotlight: Sarah Homer

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How were you introduced to Ashleigh/A-Hub Nutrition?

Superfit comps/instagram

How long have you been coached by Ashleigh?

3 months 

What is your background like? (Hometown, hobbies, sports, etc) -

I am from Currituck, North Carolina.  I love CrossFit, outdoor activities, and family/friend time!  I grew up playing softball and all star cheerleading.  

What was your nutrition like before you started with A-Hub Nutrition?

I was seriously under eating! 

What is your style of training and do you compete?

CrossFit.  Yep. :)

What are some of your goals?

CrossFit games team!  I hope to also go individually to regionals at some point. 

Has your performance in the gym changed at all since tracking macros?

SO MUCH!  I have way more energy and feel stronger on all my lifts more consistently.

What are some changes you've made in your life since tracking macros?

I eat a lot more!  Like A LOT!

What's your favorite workout and/or lift?

Workout-any longer metcon


What's your least favorite workout and/or lift?

Not a fan of anything that involves deadlifts. 

What is your favorite food?!


Last but not least, what is one piece of advice you would give to someone wanting to make a lifestyle change and hire a nutrition coach?

Trust the process.  Don't freak out if your nutrition coach increases your macros/calories, you won't get fluffy! 

Ashleigh Hubbard