How To: Travel and Track



This is one of the first things that people ask me when they start tracking their macros. It’s something that some of you may face quite often if you travel a lot for work.

Is it possible to track your macros when you’re traveling a lot? Yes. Is it possible to still make progress when you’re traveling a lot? Yes. Can you stay on track with your fat loss goals when you’re traveling? Yes. Yes. YES FOR ALL OF YOU.

For a seasoned macro-tracker, this comes quite easily as you are familiar with portion sizes and can probably guess what something weighs just by looking at it on your plate or container that it comes in. For a newbie macro-tracker, obviously this skill hasn’t been acquired yet.

Here’s what traveling nutrition typically looks like..
▫️Very low protonz🐓
▫️Exorbitant amounts of fats and carbs🍩🍔🍕
▫️What even is a fiber🥦

I’m gonna share some tips and tricks that I personally use and recommend for my clients before going on a trip..
▪️PACK ONE MACRO FOOD - protein powder, bars, rice cakes, tuna packs, beef jerky, nut butter, wraps, etc.
▪️HIT UP A GROCERY STORE - if you’ve got a hotel kitchen, find your essentials and stock the fridge!

▪️PRACTICE IF - if you know you will be having big dinners, maybe practice some intermittent fasting until your first meal to “save” some macros for that higher calorie meal.
▪️KEEP IT SIMPLE - shoot for whole foods a majority of the time bc #health, drink your water💦, indulge a little and OWN it.
▪️DON’T STRESS - if you can’t track everything 100% down to the T, it’s ok. life goes on! especially if this is vacation rather than work travel, take a break from tracking macros if you need to and listen to hunger cues. practice eating when hungry and stopping when satisfied.

At the end of the day, enjoy yourself and your trip! There’s usually ways to find food in airports - yes even “macro friendly” foods. Don’t freak out if you can’t bring powder or bars or other food with you. You will be okay!!!

What are some ways that help you stay on track when traveling? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! ⤵️

Lauren Bordelon