My Journey To Better Health

Since I was about 15-16 (I’m now 21), I’ve been VERY active. I ran track in high school and started CF at 16. Before I did CF, I did regular gym stuff.. ya know, the machines and what not. Ever since then, my periods have been very irregular or non-existent.

I remember when I started tracking macros for the second time (consistently), I was 17, & about 170lbs.. at 5’5. Yes, I have a hard time believing it too. I was v thicc and ate ALL the fats. Once I started eating more carbs, I got a period and I hadn’t had one in a while (maybe a few months). However.. it’s been gone ever since. I haven’t had a period in 4 years.

I was doing so much CF at the time and knew that it was probably due to this.. which makes sense of course. It didn’t help that I started my own business and started college, too. 2-4 hours of CF a day, 5x/week, running a business, and in college. Lots and lots of stress 🙃 It’s no wonder my period has been absent for so long.

It’s something I’m honestly ashamed to talk about, not because I care what people think, but because it’s something that a woman is supposed to have every month and I don’t have one. I also think there’s this stigma that someone has to be shredded with 6 pack abs and <10% body fat to not get their period. False.. I was 155 at one point and STILL wasn’t getting a period. I had plenty of body fat then. It all comes down to stress.

Well recently, my training volume has been lower. WAY lower. I’m managing stressors better. 9 hours in bed every night. I graduate college in like 10 weeks. (thank GOD!) and I’m starting some other stuff, too that I'll talk about below. I'm finally mature enough to realize how important it is to have a healthy cycle, & this is my journey to getting it back.

So.. what the heck am I going to be doing now to get my period back?

A few things:

- Cutting out gluten and dairy

- Improving gut health

- Seed cycling for hormonal balance

- Taking specific supplements recommended to me 

- Managing stressors

- Eating more dietary fats

- Sleeping 9 hours/night

Stay tuned because I'll be making posts once a week on my journey and how I'm handling things. Thanks for tagging along!


Lauren Bordelon