My Journey To Better Health Week 1

Soooo it's been one week since I started implementing some different things to help with my HA (hypothalamic amenorrhea). My goal this week was to do the seed cycling everyday, take my vitamins/supplements (#adulting), stay gluten and dairy free, and just manage my stress. I also tried acupuncture this week because I did read online it can help with hormonal balance. Woo-woo? Maybe, but I wanted to try it LOL.

So I did keep up with the seeds, I did NOT successfully stay gluten and dairy free all week. That stuff is HARD y'all!! But I did minimize it so that's good. I managed my stress well for sure, and the acupuncture was great and helped me relax more. Have I noticed any benefit from it yet? I don't feel anything from it honestly. I mean it might take more than several days to feel "effects" from it, and you might have to do it more consistently within the month, but it's $$ and I ain't tryna throw my dollaz away ya feel me? 

These weekly updates will be kept short and sweet, because sometimes there's just not much to talk about. I will share my seed cycling seed ball recipe below and I'm going to create a video and post it so you can see how I actually make them. 

Follicular Phase Seed Ball Recipe

  • 1/2 cup almond butter

  • 2 tablespoons raw honey or date nectar for vegan

  • 1/4 cup dairy-free milk 

  • 4 scoops marine collagen (optional, but adds protein + great for gut health, hair, skin and nails)

  • Shredded coconut

For Follicular Phase:

  • 1 cup organic, raw, flax seeds, ground

  • 1 cup organic, raw, pumpkin seeds, ground

For Luteal Phase:

  • 1 cup organic, raw, sunflower seeds, ground

  • 1 cup organic, raw, sesame seeds, ground

** the shredded coconut is used at the end to roll the balls in!

My goals this upcoming week are definitely to stay more consistent with everything and to keep minimizing gluten and dairy, not because I am intolerant, but to keep inflammation low in my body. 

Thanks for tuning in with me this week!



Lauren Bordelon